Runescape muted for gambling

Several functions may not work. Examples being bitly, goo. They won't waste time and money on spamming if they don't have a reason to. We do not allow users to host or operate giveaways on this subreddit. Does it need to? Is it just like some software outside of game? I hate this stupid subreddit, it has the most downvotes per anything I think I've ever seen.

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I recently got muted for something ridiculous in runescape. I jokingly said in and got an instant mute. They don't tolerate gambling at all. I mean that what he said about people not getting muted/banned for it. TBH I viewed gambling as more of a problem than luring,luring never. I am really concerened about how big of a problem Gambling has were several fcs that hired pmods to mute other opposing gambling fc.